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The purchase of this work includes a .zip file containing the following:

High-quality music files (44.1kHz 16bit WAV & 320 kbps MP3).

This work includes two versions.

1. Cinematic / Full Track / Length: 00:02:52 / Formats: WAV / MP3.

2. Cinematic / Full Track Alternate Ending / Length: 00:02:42 / Formats: WAV / MP3.

3. License certificate granting the corresponding rights of use, including monetization on YouTube. / PDF.

Direct and personal support.

This track is included in the Unlimited Music Subscription. Just $99 /year for unlimited access and downloads of my entire music portfolio. New music will be added each month. Check it out here: https://gum.co/fulldownloads

I want this!

You’ll get

Music files
License certificate
Direct support
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